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Flat Rate Pricing

When you need a Plumber, an Electrician or an HVAC Service Technician, do you get an uneasy feeling because of the uncertainty from knowing that you must pay for the repairs on a “Time And Materials” basis that leaves you feeling out of control? If you call 3 different companies and get 3 different rates, does that help? You can eliminate the guessing game and avoid so called “Sticker Shock” when the HVAC Repairs are completed by using Flat Rate Pricing.

Having spent most of my working life in the HVAC industry, we’ve known for a long time that customers do not always pay the same price for similar services. The abilities of HVAC Design Build Service Technicians vary. Some work faster than others; sometimes a part is not on the service truck, sometimes weather or traffic interferes but until recently, time and materials was the only way we had to price service

Several nationally recognized firms, specializing in collecting and processing data and working with professional HVAC Companies have analyzed tens of thousands of Service Transactions to determine the proper time required to complete hundreds of specific tasks. Based on a fully trained, qualified HVAC Service Technician equipped with the proper tools, they have established standards for the Heating & Air Conditioning industry. Combining these statistics with our own computer records, we can now offer you this fairer, up front method of pricing for all your HVAC Service Repairs.

We are pleased to be one of the few HVAC Contractors in our area to offer you this fairer and improved method of Flat Rate Pricing. One that enables you to be in control every step of the way, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the end. Here’s how it works:

When you place a Service Call with us for AC or Residential Heating Systems Repair, we will quote you for the want of a better word, a HVAC Diagnostic Charge. Some Contractors call it a “Show Up” charge or a “Trip Charge”. What this does is to get our Service Technician to your house and to diagnose the problem (Our Diagnostic Charge does not change, some HVAC Contractors raise their Service Charge based on supply and demand). After examining the problem, he will then quote you a specific price (Flat Rate Pricing) for each HVAC Repair required and get your verbal approval before he starts any work. Up front! See how many of our competitors will do that! At this point you are still in complete control as you may either just pay the HVAC Diagnostic Charge or authorize the repairs.

If you elect to have the repair made, this Flat Rate Pricing includes everything (Parts and Labor) to make the specific repair. This includes parts acquisition time. If, for example, a part is required that is not on the truck or has to be ordered, the price does not change. If one service technician works faster or slower than another, the price does not change. If traffic or weather interfere, you need not worry about the “meter running”, the price does not change. You pay by the job, not by the hour.

Sometimes of course, one repair must be made to discover the main operational problem. A good example would be a failed part that shut the unit down. Obviously, the unit must first be running to find the problem. In this instance, you would be given a Flat Rate Pricing Charge to get the unit running and discover the problem and a second Flat Rate Pricing Charge to repair or replace the defective part. If you’re like most people (1) concerned about quality and (2) like guaranteed prices. If you’re tired of “the pig in a poke” method of paying for service and not knowing how much the job will cost until it’s completed, then you will welcome this fairer, upfront way of Flat Rate Pricing charge. It is the kind of satisfying, peace of mind experience that keeps you in control and that you’ve come to expect from us at US Air Contractors Heating & Air Conditioning.