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Send Payments to: 4575 Webb Bridge Road, Suite 4586, Alpharetta, GA 30023 11950 Jones Bridge Road, Suit 116, Alpharetta, GA 30005

HVAC Energy Audit

HVAC Home Energy Audit

US Air Contractors Heating & Air Conditioning, a Residential and Commercial HVAC Contractor serving Fulton, Gwinnett,  Cherokee, Forsyth, Dekalb and Cobb county offers a more productive solution “DET veifier’s HVAC Home Energy Audit”. We help maximize your home comfort and save you money on utility bills through our advanced HVAC Energy Audit.

Our Georgia DCA Certified DET verifier professionals conduct a series of tests that may include (depending on home configuration and client needs) the following:

Blower Door and Air Duct Leakage testing were supposed to begin with all new homes permitted as of 1 January 2011. That means that the first ones requiring a test would still be a few months away, but evidently the state felt that even with that lag, there wouldn’t be enough DET verifiers available to enforce the testing provisions.

• Insulation R-rating for Walls, Attic, and Foundation HVAC Energy Audit

• Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment

• Whole House Air Leakage (Blower Door Test)

Ductwork Leakage & Sealing

• Electrical and Lighting Analysis

Hot Water Heaters and Water usage

Carbon Monoxide

• Flue Draft

                                                        Air Ductwork Leakage

This will help to:

• Eliminate Energy Wastefulness

• Enhance your Home’s Comfort

• Reduce Toxic Indoor Air Pollutants

• Upgrade your Home’s Safety

• Exceed new Government Environmental and Energy-Consumption Standards

• Decrease dependence on Energy Sources from outside the United States

• Maximize the resale value of your home

In addition, because we partner with you in this process, we conduct a complete interview to understand what you desire most in an energy-efficient home. With those goals in mind and the full audit report, we’ll also offer a no-obligation quote outlining the best course of action for improving your home’s comfort, while saving you money. US Air Contractors Heating & Air Conditioning has served its customers with the industry’s most reliable Air Conditioning & Heating Systems and HVAC Products that immediately improve Indoor Air Quality.

See how US Air Contractors Heating & Air Conditioning can help you immediately improve your Indoor Air Quality, reduce home Heating & Air Conditioning costs and make your home more comfortable all year long. For a professional in Home HVAC Energy Audit, call us at  678-753-4822(HVAC).